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August 17, 2011

for book lovers

Yesterday I learned of a brand new website which may revolutionize the way we choose our books. It is still being developed, but I think it is amazing and I would personally use it all the time.  The site is called booklamp.org, and they explain what the site does in the following quoted paragraph:

"BookLamp.org is the result of an exploratory project intended to help you find new books by comparing the content of the books themselves, similar to the way that Pandora.com matches music lovers to new music. We're attempting to help you find books with similar themes and writing style to books you've enjoyed in the past - comparing elements like Description, Pacing, Density, Perspective, and Dialog - while at the same time allowing you to specify details like... more Medieval Weapons."

If you love to read, why not visit this site yourself and test it out.  The developers are looking for publishers willing to work with them on this project, as well feedback etc. This all may just be worth your time :)

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