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December 19, 2011

construction zone

what a project ~ making gingerbread houses from scratch. If you haven't done this before it's really not that difficult to do, it just takes allll day. 

There are many steps involved before you are even close to decorating, but it is worth it. Mixing, rolling, cutting, baking, cooling, glueing together, setting, and then finally hours later . . . decorating. 

This has turned into a tradition in my home by accident. One year I purchased a gingerbread house kit and thought it would be easier and cheaper to make the entire thing myself. The following year I did just that, to prove that I could actually do this, and it was so much more fun that using the premade kits.

So how did this turn into a tradition? Any holiday activity that my youngest enjoys, she assumes we will continue this same activity year after year. And me being me, I always go along with it. I mean it's the holidays after all!


Hope you all had a good weekend :)

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