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January 26, 2012

creative chaos

Since I like to share my creative projects here, I thought I'd share a quick sneak peek at my workspace. No it's not pretty, but it works. What started as just a table, a chair, and a few supplies, has blossomed into a takeover of an entire corner of the basement.

It's a nice cozy spot right next to a window, but yes it does need some organizing. Ok, not just some organizing but a complete overhaul! The problem is I'm so busy creating that I hate to stop to organize. Especially when I know where everything is, and it works for me.

Of course someday I'd love to have a little room I can call my own. I think about this sometimes. How I would organize everything. I've seen so many photos of neatly organized areas, and I'm not sure I could ever be that way. All visually appealing and color coordinated. But we'll see. You never know right? Miracles do happen :)

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  1. Anonymous1/26/2012

    Hi Paula! thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your workspace here! i always wonder how people can keep their "creative" spaces so tidy. i totally agree with you, sometimes i just let the creative flow and not worry about anything else!!

  2. Thanks for returning the visit! If I ever did get organized, I'm sure it would revert back to this way pretty quickly :)


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