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January 5, 2012

too early for spring fever?

Once the holidays are behind us I dread going through the rest of winter here in New England. All those cold and snowy days when I have to wade through knee-deep snow to go dig out my car in the blinding cold. Well it's not always that bad, but this winter so far has not even come close to being snowy whatsoever!

We had a little snow just before Halloween, and since then pretty much nothing. So little in fact that I am beginning to feel like spring is right around the corner. I feel that at any moment there will be leaves sprouting on the trees, the grass will be turning back to green, and I can go back to wearing my flip-flops.

But this is a problem as we still have at least three months where it is possible for a snowstorm. So yes, it is too early for me to have spring fever!

This morning I took a few photos with my phone which show the temporarily drab, dreary landscape of my hometown. It's a whole other world in the spring. So, I need to keep reminding myself that spring is not yet "right around the corner" (unless of course we do end up with snow), but eventually there will be hope.

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