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February 7, 2012

last-minute valentine's day cards

There are those people who purchase their Valentine cards and gifts as soon as the Christmas items are packed away. Then there are others who wait until the last moment to make their purchases.

I am in the last category, unfortunately. I always feel as if I have all the time in the world to do what I have to do and then BOOM, the day arrives and I'm in a jam.

If your in the latter group along with me, all hope is not lost. Maybe this post will be a reminder for you that the countdown is on, and you have one more week til the big day!

Yesterday I worked on a few last-minute handmade Valentine cards which I listed on eBay. My cards never turn out the way I envision them in the beginning. For these cards I envisioned lacy and romantic, but most of them turned out colorful and fun instead. Which isn't a bad thing, it's just funny how my natural "style" finds it's way into all I do.

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  1. Anonymous2/07/2012

    these are great - I love the Smurfs one!! very cool.

    Stop by my blog and enter my giveawaway :)


  2. Hi thanks so much for the comment! I will be sure to stop by your blog and enter your giveaway! I'm hosting my very first ever giveaway on Friday :))

  3. LOVE these wonderful cards!! You make so many cute things! Happy sunny beautiful Sunday! Thanks for also stopping by! :-) Following you! P.S. Both of our kids were born in Maine when my hubby was in the Navy! We went to NH alot too! Love New England!


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