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February 21, 2012

sugar fix anyone?

This post is for all you sugar-cereal junkies! I admit that here and there I go through a phase when all I want to eat for breakfast is the most colorful and sugary cereals manufactured. One of my favorites has to be Lucky Charms.  It may quickly cross my mind how unhealthy this is, but a little won't hurt you, right?

This morning the last subject I would have thought I'd be blogging about was the pro-side of sugary cereals, but things change quickly. For me this happened as soon as I stumbled across an online store that ......GET THIS!!!.... sells ONLY cereal marshmallows!

Photo courtesy of cerealmarshmallows.com.

This is both strange and crazy, but the owner of this website, Nathan Wratislaw, actually started this as a "pet project" because he was tired of running out of marshmallows, and being left with only cereal in the box. This pet project has proved so successful that pretty soon these may be available at a retailer near you.

If you can't wait for these to hit stores, just visit Nathan's website to purchase them now ~ cerealmarshmallows.com. !  The smallest amount available for purchase are two 7oz. bags for $7.99, and the largest amount would be 95 lbs. in bulk for $399.99.

The question is, would you buy these???

Happy Day!



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