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March 17, 2012

catching leprechauns ...

                             ... is NOT easy, according to Autumn. Last week (of course after the recycling was already picked up) she decided to find some materials to create a leprechaun trap. All we had left to use was a little pasta box. She decided this would have to do, otherwise she'd risk missing a chance to capture one of these little guys!

She took the box and taped it to the kitchen floor. On the front flap she wrote "enter here" and the word "gold". Then she went on to explain that if a leprechaun visits a home where a child lives, it will leave a gift of chocolate coins. If it visits a home where only adults live, it will leave money.

For a few days she checked this trap every morning, and was pretty disappointed that the box was empty. But surprise! Last night we must have had a little visitor dressed in green, because in the box were chocolate coins.

It's just so adorable how exciting something like this is to a child.  This definately made her day. She was super happy, and was looking around for other clues the leprechaun may have left behind. Unfortunately she didn't find anything else, but this will be a "sweet" memory I'm sure she won't soon forget.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. How sweet is that!! LOVE it!

  2. She even asked me if I put the coins in the box and I said "NO!" lol.

  3. Hahahaha that's cute!

  4. I know! I just love that she believes there are leprechauns :)


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