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March 19, 2012


Teaching a child how to show compassion is not always an easy task. This is especially true for Autumn, who is the baby of the family. When she was born my older two children, Taryne and Zachary, were already eight and eleven.

This was also the time when I was transformed into a SAHM. So whereas Taryne and Zachary were not completely dependant upon me for everything, Autumn was. I have found that being the center of attention in this way makes a child feel loved, but at the same time they may have a difficult time learning compassion.

Autumn is a girl with her own agenda. She will listen to my opinions, but then she will follow her own beliefs rather than follow what I have tried to teach her. In some aspects this is wonderful, but she needs to learn that many times her actions will affect others in some way.

In the fall Autumn decided that she wanted to sign up for Brownies(Girl Scouts). I loved this idea because this is a place where girls can learn important values from someone besides a parent. Personality-wise this was perfect for Autumn.

This brings me back to the subject of compassion. This past week's Brownie lesson was all about compassion for animals. We visited a local animal shelter where the girls donated supplies, took a tour, and then discussed all of it afterwards during their meeting. In the end they all earned a badge to place on their vests, and hopefully came away with a bit more knowledge of compassion.

Happy Monday :)

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  1. I too struggle with teaching my youngest about compassion. Some days I think, "hey, she really gets it!" Others, I wonder what the heck she is thinking.

    Brownie Troop is a wonderful idea. We may have to look into that ourselves. Congrats on her new badge!

  2. Thanks Theresa! Brownies is wonderful for kids who listen better to an authority figure other than their parent.

  3. I wish for all my kids to have compassion.
    congrats on the badge!!

  4. Yes, it's a very important characteristic.

  5. I think it's wonderful that you're putting so much thought into this. I very much respect what you are doing.

  6. Thank you so much Lisa!


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