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March 22, 2012

Have we lost the art of letter writing?

Yesterday I was thinking back to when I was in junior high and how I had a "pen pal" from the West Indies. Her name was Marva. It was so exciting, almost surreal, that I was communicating with a girl my age who was so far away, and led a completely different kind of life.

I loved receiving her letters in the mailbox, and eagerly wrote back. I remember putting my letters in a special envelope, and going to the post office and asking for it to be send Air Mail.

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Unfortunately I don't think I kept any of Marva's letters. I have no idea why I wouldn't have, but they are nowhere to be found. What I do have though is a shoebox full of handwritten "notes" from junior high and high school. {I know there are many of you out there who probably have a similar shoebox stashed away somewhere.} I used to love looking through them and reminiscing about days gone by.

I haven't taken these notes out for years, but it occurred to me that I am lucky to have this box full of memories. Of conversations between friends. Something that kids today will never have.

With all the texting, facebooking, emailing, blogging and twittering I do believe that letter, or note, writing is almost nonexistent. {I know for myself that my hand cramps up just writing a check as I'm more accustomed to a keyboard.}

The good part about all the technology though is that maybe there is a possibility that I could find Marva again. I think I've found everyone else I've ever known lol.

Is there anyone out there who still writes letters?
Or how about still keeps a shoebox full of notes?
I'd love to hear if you do!

Have a great Thursday :)

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  1. I remember back in school how it was cool to fold your letter a certain way with the corner tucked in, know what I'm talking about?

    I also had a penpal from Sweden. I still have her letters, but I think I was the one who dropped the ball and stopped writing. I did try to find her on facebook, but no luck.

    How about hand written thank you notes? I find it irritating when I get a collective shout out on facebook for attending and gifting at a wedding, babyshower, ect. Heck, even send me an email thanking me. I spent time and money on your gift and party, the least one could do is send a personal thank you. Don't lump me into one big impersonal thank you on your social media site. Think with social media, todays people, and not just teens here, are getting lazy about these kinds of things, don't you?

  2. Yessss! I remember that folding techinique! Couldn't do that now though lol.

    And I have noticed the lack of thank you notes these days. Mostly from kids birthday parties. I've never gotten a mass fb thank you. That's terrible.

    I was always to good at sending out handwritten thank you's. Even with my two older kids. These days its not always easy, especially with my youngest who doesn't understand. Or doesn't want to take the time to understand.

    So many things are changing!

  3. Anonymous3/22/2012

    Hi! I following from the Linky party would you follow back.

  4. Will do Pat! Thanks :)

  5. You surely remind me on how we used to sent letter during school time. How the technology changed!!
    Owh you make me sooo gonna find my old letters which I put in an old box hahahhaha
    Hope you can fine Marva one day dear

  6. Hello!!! I found your blog while randomly searching for ways how to fold letters like I did back in Junior High on google. I started penpalling when I was 11 and now 20 something years later I still prefer a handwritten letter any day instead of an email. I agree through all the different networking sites it's been a great tool to find other people we lost contact with. I am your new follower and thought you may like to know that there are still a bunch of us that do prefer snail mail. Please come visit me at my blog Kreative Kawaii. If you are also searching penpals again I can recommend a great site on FB called Penpalling and Letters. Here is the link: Penpalling and Letters. Much Aloha~ Jes

  7. Hi Jes! I'm so happy you found my blog, and that you let me know that there is penpal FB group! I'm now off to visit your blog ~ I do looove Kawaii :))


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