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March 26, 2012

When your child grows up ...

... it is very strange indeed.  It feels like just yesterday that I brought a sweet little baby boy
home from the hospital whom I named Zachary, and today at 4:01 pm that
same boy will turn 20. {Omgoooosh 20!!}

Last night we went out to dinner and then had cake at home. Only one friend was invited.
No more family parties for this guy I guess.

Here is a look back from when he was small, up to whom he has grown into.

By the end of spring Zachary will be a GMC certified auto mechanic. 
He even requested I decorate his birthday cake with the Chevy bowtie :)

Happy Birthday Zachary!
I ♥ You
Now I'm off to complete two of the sweetest little bunny softies for Easter!  I'm a bit late getting these finished, but they will be available in my Etsy shop within the next few days :))

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  1. Awww, I just feel like I watched your son grow up through your pictures. Hope he has a wonderful birthday!!

  2. Thank you Theresa!!

  3. Awww! Happy Birthday to him! this makes me all teary-eyed! Thanks for stopping by the Sit and Relax weekend hop this past weekend. Have a great week!

  4. I love looking back although it is certainly sad as well.

    Thanks Michelle :))

  5. My oldest (daughter) will be 21 in May. They do grow up quickly but it is so wonderful to enjoy them as adults!

  6. How sweet!! Loving the photos and Happy Birthday!!

  7. happy birthday to your handsome son!!
    great pictures!

  8. Happy Birthday Zachary!! It is so sweet to see how much he grow up through the pictures.

  9. Thank you all for such lovely comments. It is nice to be able to interact with your child as an adult, although of course I will never forget when he was small.

  10. Happy birthday to your wonderful son and congratulations to his sweet mom for raising him!

    My daughter turned fifteen a few months ago -- ain't it funny, how they grow up?

    Seeing you around on Inspire Me Mondays!

  11. Eleni, When your kids are small you feel as if things will never change. Then BAM! Thanks so much for visiting :))


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