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April 23, 2012

DIY Pinecone Bird Feeder

Last week my bloggy friend Theresa posted about a fun project she did with her girls. They made Bird Seed Cake Ornaments to hang in their yard. This looked like such a fun idea that I planned on following her tutorial, and making some of our own this past weekend.

I made sure I had all the materials, and hadn't even mentioned the project to Autumn yet, when she came to me with some perfect pinecones she found in the yard, and announced that she wanted to make Pinecone Bird Feeders.   I recall making these as a child.  It was a lot of messy fun, but the best part was watching to see if a bird was actually going to eat from them.

So I decided we would start off with the pincone feeders, and then later on in the week I plan to follow Theresa's DIY and also make the Bird Seed Cake Ornaments.  A bird can never have too much food :)

Below I've posted pictures and directions for the Pinecone Bird Feeders, and if you'd like to check out Theresa's DIY for the Bird Seed Cake Ornaments hop on over to her blog ~ Theresa's Mixed Nuts Bird Seed Cake Ornament Tutorial.






Whichever DIY you choose, it's sure to make the birds happy :)

Do you have any fun projects planned for this week?

I'm working on a custom order for my
A cheery project for a rainy Monday :)

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  1. Awww, you made my day :)

    I love this Pinecone tutorial! We are on a kick with bird stuff lately and will have to try this too! It looks like an ooey gooey fun mess so you know it's got to be fun making it! We also picked up some bird houses at Michael's a few weeks ago that I need to find the time for us to decorate. The girls have been picking up scraps from the yard for the project. Now only to find the time!

  2. Time, time, where do you go? lol

  3. Toooooo fun!! I loveeeeeee the photos... she is ADORABLE!

  4. my girls made this in preschool...we got so many birds in a week the whole family began bird watching...I had 4 feeders and a journal...all because of a little pine cone.

  5. What a delightful creation and the little girl is adorable and looks very creative ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  6. Thank you Heather! She's just getting over a very puffy face from poison ivy, and I'm glad she's looking like herself again :)

    Thank You JULIE!!

    Momto8 ~ I have yet to notice any birds on the three feeders we made. Could be because it was raining.

    Hi Carol! Thanks so much :))

  7. Oh sweetie what fun and with a beautiful little helper, just think, you have that do-over thing going on, in a few years you will be making another one of these!


  8. Paula, you've brought back such memories! I used to make these with my kids then they were little. :) Pine cone bird feeders are such a fun activity...messy fun! Thank you for sharing at my link-a-long at www.GoCrochetCrazy.blogspot.com ! Hope to see you there again later this week!


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