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April 2, 2012

"Egg"straspecial Fun!

Last week I mentioned that over the weekend we would be dyeing our eggs, and that I was
going to use a method that I came across on Pinterest.  I envisioned having the most brightly colored eggs we've ever seen, and that this would be our new tradition.  
Well, it didn't go as planned.

The method was to use Kool-Aid instead of traditional egg dye or food coloring. I had bought a bunch of single packets of Kool-Aid, had 18 hard-boiled white eggs, and was all set to go when I chickened out. Why fool with a fool-proof method, and risk ruining 18 hard-boiled eggs? I mean to get these eggs I had to crawl into the refrigerator at the store and reach way in back for one of the last boxes left.

So we used the regular egg dye tablets for the majority of our eggs, and I used just the orange and red e Kool-Aid packets just to test it out on a few eggs.

And if you were wondering, I definately preferred the tablets. 
The Kool-Aid was a fun idea and all, but it kind of bubbled up on the test eggs,
and then looked like it wasn't sticking all that well. 

Has anyone else tried the Kool-Aid method for dyeing their eggs? 
If so I'd love to hear your results. 

Happy Monday All!

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwww they turned out fun!! I loveeeeeeeee the pics!! They are adorable!

  2. Thank You Julie! Maybe if I told Autumn I was putting these pics on my blog she wouldn't have made faces lol. Although I like them :)

  3. So glad you tested this out. I was thinking about doing the Kool Aid method myself after seeing it on Pinterest, but now I won't waste any of our Kool Aid stash!

    Sorry it didn't work for you, but your other eggs turned out well with great coloring!

  4. Thanks Theresa :) As always though the Kool-Aid method may have worked for everyone but me. This happens sometimes lol.


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