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April 6, 2012

Fabulous Friday Finds!

... MOSS

When I think of moss I envision the green stuff that grows on rocks, or a kind of carpet in the forrest. I never thought moss was useful in any way. As least to us humans. If you think at all like I do, and someone told you that art can be created from moss, you may not believe them. But guess what?! Moss can useful, functional, healthy, and even beautiful, as I have discovered.

Week after week I am amazed at what people are able to create. This week I actually should say I am amazed at how they are even able to come up with an idea to create something so unique, out of such an unusual material. A living material!

I have found a group of Etsy artisans who were able to do this, and have created masterpieces from the forrest! As usual each photo is numbered and the link to each shop is listed below the collage.

Enjoy :)

1}  Moss Pomander Balls by Life Is So Beautiful on Etsy
2}  Moss Hair Pins by jensbackyard on Etsy
3}  Woodland Moss Bunny by CraveCute on Etsy
4}  Moss Drop Hanging Terrarium Kit by LBrandt on Etsy
5}  Moss and Ivy Natural Perfume Oil by ForStrangeWomen on Etsy
6}  Sterling Silver Reindeer Moss Ring by Ildved on Etsy
7}  Moss Covered Letters made-to-order by KarenMaryButterfly on Etsy
8}  Moss Soap with Olive Oil by SoapsbyNaturalBeauty on Etsy
9}  Soy Candle Oakmoss Scent by NaturalDreamDesigns on Etsy

What do you all think of products made with moss? 
 I'm sure everyone has a very different opinon!

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  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty! It's fun to see my letter in this moss showcase! I have to say, I have a moss ampersand on my mantel right now, and it does add a special touch! Love all of this! Going to look at all of these treasures now on Etsy!

  2. I can't imagine how you assemble your letters or ampersand, but they turn out lovely!

  3. Love the organic feel and look of moss! I am very happy that my bunny has been included in this fine collection. Other Etsians never cease to amaze me with their creativity! ~~ Diane

  4. I love the terrarium. I've always wanted to make one of my own.

    I'm not sure sure about the candle though. Does moss have a pleasant smell? For some reason, I think it would smell like dirt, but then again, I just don't know lol.

  5. Your welcome Diane! Your bunny is adorable :)

    I think moss smells "forresty". Haven't intentionally smelled it since I was little lol. Not sure exactly how it would smell as a candle or as soap. I don't think I'd personally like to smell like a forrest, but I'm mostly amazed that such products were created from forest materials.

  6. love your pics!!
    My girls used moss as carpet in their forts.

  7. Ohhhhhh I would never have thought to use it in these beautiful creative ways!! LOVE them!

  8. I like the idea of moss as a carpet in a fort :))

    I know Julie truly amazing :)


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