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May 17, 2012

Oh Snap That's HOT!

I recently learned that Betsey Johnson is closing all of her boutiques, and her online store. Supposedly she will still be designing, but for a line to be sold at Macy's. Not sure what this collection will be like, but I have a feeling it won't be the same. My daughter probably won't be wearing Betsey to the prom next year :(

Right now her stores are all still open, but they are liquidating everything. Yesterday I took my last trip to one of her shops and bought a few things. One thing I am still hoping to snag though is the curtains on the dressing rooms. I have always LOVED that fabric, and supposedly when they say they are liquidating everything, they mean fixtures, hangers etc. As I'm waiting to hear if I can purchase those curtains, I'm dreaming up all kinds of things I could do with it ... I should say sorry now to the boys in my family lol.

 Anyways I now have the shopping bug, and decided I'd be better off lusting after items online that I cannot actually touch. Because once you touch it, you gotta have it! 

 I've created a fun, bright collection that does include some Betsey items. My favorite item though has to be this dress. I love the color combo of neon yellow and pink, hence the title of my post "Oh Snap That's HOT!".

Oh Snap That's Hot!

What is your favorite item in this collection? I'm pretty sure some of you will say I HATE it all, but that's where unique style comes into play :)

Remember to stop back tomorrow for my "Fabulous Friday Finds" post!! For those who don't know what this is, I choose a theme such as color, product, event etc., and then scour Etsy for nine items fitting this theme.  I then create a beautiful collage with these items and post it along with a link to each shop.

As always if your an Etsy seller and would like one of your items considered for a feature just send me a message!! I LOVE promoting :))

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  1. Anonymous5/17/2012

    I freakin' LOVE Betsy, and those shoes!!

    I normally wouldn't do this, but as a long time reader I'd SO appreciate your help! :D Please go to my blog and read this post, I just need your help winning a HUGE contest in my life. I promise it'll be worth your time :D It's really easy too!


    (really sorry if this is serious spam for you)

  2. I like the dress!

  3. That's sad to hear that she will closing her stores... I love the outfit you picked out!!

  4. I think my computer was acting up earlier and my post did come up. Grrr! Anyway, I said, isn't it so sad when your favorite store closes? I don't think her line will be as great a Macy's. It will probably have a lesser, mass produced, cheap feel to it. I could be wrong, but I have yet to find a designer move to another store and have good quality stuff.

    I love the outfit. I'd leave the earrings though since I don't wear them, but I am sure they look great on someone else!

  5. I just reread that. I just made myself look really bad with all the typos lol.

  6. Your fine Theresa!! Thank you for the comment :))

    Thank you Julie, it is very sad :(

    Tynee, I'm off to help you out now!! No problem at all :)


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