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May 3, 2012

rainy day, heartbroken girl & computer troubles ...

As if a cold, dreary, rainy spring day isn't enough, I am also dealing with a heartbroken little girl, and computer issues.

The computer issues are mainly because I am distracted today, although Etsy has been acting up by not allowing me to perform certain actions, or look at certain things. What is distracting me you ask? My heartbroken little girl.

The saddest thing has happened to our sweet, little, teeny, tiny, baby bunny. Two mornings ago he went to bunny heaven as I held him in my hands. It all happened so suddenly. Right after Autumn left for school. The poor thing wouldn't drink his breakfast, and looked lethargic. Once Autumn had gone off on the bus I held him in my hands, where it cuddled up against me. And a minute later he stopped breathing.

I am thankful that Autumn didn't witness this. I know that children need to learn about the realities of death at some point, but I feel that with the way Autumn handles her emotions right now, it would have been a terrible thing. Especially with the way I freaked out after the fact.

Life will go on, and soon "Bunny" will be a sweet memory of photographs and stories of how we tried to save him.

One bright spot in my day was when I received a message from Wendy of CardNotions on Etsy, that my Little Birdie Thank You Notecard Set was featured in this wonderful treasury which I have shared below~

'Birds of a feather' by wendycn1

Lighthearted gift ideas for Mom.

I hope you like it!

Hope you all have a fantastic day :) 

Remember to stop by tomorrow to see what theme I've chosen for
my weekly Fabulous Friday Finds blog post!!

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  1. I am so sad for your little bunny (and Autumn!) I think it was a beautiful thing you did taking him in from the beginning and trying to help him grow so he could go out in the world on his own. My kids tried to save a fly once (yes, they are weird like that) and of course, it died. They were crushed. I can't imagine how they would react to the loss of a furry friend :(

    On the other hand- Congratulations on your feature! How exciting!!

  2. Thank you Theresa. Your fly story made me smile :))

  3. So sorry about Bunny!! :( I hope your little girl recovers from the loss soon... and huge congrats on the feature!! That is AWESOME!!!!

  4. Thank you Julie! Autumn seems a bit better today. As for the feature it is so exciting when you find out one of your items are showcased :))

  5. Hi Paula,
    Thanks for posting my feathery treasury! I'm glad you like it! I included your birdie card because it was so bright and cheerful as is your shop! I'll keep an eye on your shop for future creations!

  6. Your welcome W!! And I'm so happy you liked my cards enough to include them :))


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