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May 12, 2012

Rare Wildflower Blooms in My Backyard ...

... Pink Lady's Slipper

"The pink lady's slipper (Cypripedium acaule) was designated the official state wildflower of New Hampshire in 1991. A unique member of the orchid family, this showy flower is native to North America (also known as moccasin flower, or simply lady slipper).

The lady's slipper is protected in some areas - its numbers have been greatly reduced due to loss of habitat (much of the moist, rich soil it prefers has been converted to agriculture). Also, since the lady's slipper is one of the more eye-catching wildflowers of the northeast, transplanting attempts have taken a significant toll on their numbers (transplanting nearly always fails because the lady's slipper has a symbiotic relationship with a certain fungus in the forest). A reminder to all forest visitors - tred lightly - take home only photos and memories - preserve the delicate ecology of our dwindling woods."

I have only seen one of these flowers long ago when I was small.
 I remember my mom telling me not to pick it because it was against the law.
 I wondered how anyone would ever know if I did pick it.
Would the flower police come? 

The other morning I looked out the window and my eye was immediately drawn to a spot of color among the pine needles and pine cones.  A Pink Lady's Slipper. My first thought was that I needed to capture this rare occurance with my camera. I was so happy that this was blooming in our yard.
And of course I told Autumn not to ever pick it, it's against the law :)

Hope you all have a great weekend.  
I'll be back on Monday with a quick, easy and healthy recipe for chili.  

Tuesday I will hopefully be able to share my crafty weekend project.
Inspired by a craft I found on Pinterest ~ will it be a success or a mess? 
Stay tuned to find out!

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  1. So beautiful!! I loved reading about it!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by & following. I'll be visiting you again soon, this week was just too busy with the holiday coming.

  3. Thank you Julie!!!! And your welcome Cheryl!!! Hope you have a great week :)

  4. beautiful! xo P.S. have you entered my new giveaway yet?

  5. How very cool to have found that in your yard! Did Autumn ask if the flower police would come if she picked it too?

  6. She didn't ask me, nor do I think she cared lol. Actually she loves nature so much that I think she'd be very careful around it.


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