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May 8, 2012

softball is serious business ... NOT!

Softball season has finally begun. 
 Autumn not only loves playing and practicing, but being with her friends.
 The best part of all though has to be that uniform.

This is one time where I am allowed to take as many photos of Autumn as I want.
She'll happily pose and smile, and won't complain if I snap away at her as she runs around.

This past weekend was the Opening Day Ceremony for Atkinson Baseball/Softball.
The kids run around like little crazy people, eating junk, jumping in the bouncy house, and acting generally silly.  Once their all sugared up, they line up by team and run around the
field giving high five's.  It is really cute to see how excited and happy this makes all the kids.

Here are a few silly photos I took of Autumn and her best friend Catherine.
At first I was disappointed that they wouldn't be serious for just a moment, but then I
realized that they were having so much fun, and these photos
captured that moment perfectly.

Have a wonderful day :) 



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  1. Anonymous5/09/2012

    They looks so cute in thier uniform!

    I have put your WW button on my weekly links page hun ;)

    Also hope you don't mind but I changed your link to this post, it's just my link up is about kids photo's x x x

  2. Ohhhh thank you Kelly Marie!! I'm off to visit you now and take a look :))


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