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June 1, 2012

Fabulous Friday Finds ...

When I was small I remember going with my Mother to visit my Great Aunt Gert. There are two things from her house which I will always remember. The first is that she had a fish tank with sea horses swimming around inside. This was very magical to me then because sea horses were supposed to live far out in the ocean, and here were some right in her livingroom! Amazing! 

 The second thing I will always remember is her set of Russian Nesting Dolls, also called Matryoshka Dolls. I'm not sure exactly what attracted me to these dolls, but I recall sitting at my aunt's kitchen table and playing with them while everyone around me talked. I would take them all out and set them up from largest to smallest, put them all inside one another again, and start over. I probably did this for hours. 

 Ever since then I have been in love Matryoshka Dolls. I'm still not sure if it's because of the fact that there are many dolls all hidden inside the largest, the beautiful colors, or the happy little faces smiling at me, (most likely all three reasons!) but I just can't get enough of them. And lucky for me these dolls have become a trend. There are tons of items out there featuring these happy little dolls. 

 So this week my chosen theme is all about Matryoshka Dolls! Just take a look at the colorful, fun things you can find with these dolls! As usual all of the items are found on Etsy, but this week each one is handmade. All the photos have a number, and a direct link to each Etsy shop is listed below the collage if you'd like to pay them a visit! 

 Enjoy :)

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  1. Hi Paula J,
    These dolls are so cute! A wonderful collection to have. It is very interesting that your grandmother had sea horses in her fish tank. Have yourself a great weekend.

  2. What a sweet memory! I am delighted to be included in your feature. Your great Aunt Gert sounds like a real doll. How awesome was she to have seahorses AND Russian nesting dolls!


  3. This is really nice. I remember my grandmother had a musical jewelry box with a ballerina spinning on a mirror base to it own music. It was a wind up box and I use to play with it forever. You do not see those around anymore and she lost it when she moved away.

  4. I loveeeeeeeee those dolls! They are the best!!!

  5. I love this dolls. What a lovely memory.

  6. Thank you ladies!!

  7. I don't think I have ever seen these types of dolls in person. They are awefully cute though!

    And seahorses, for real? That would have been amazing to have. I thought about getting some myself a long time ago, but heard that they are very difficult to care for. I'd probably kill them in a day and feel horrible!

  8. Favorite, 7 because those cookies are so darn cute; 6 because the dress is darling; and 8 because it'd be sweet and unexpected to have this around a ponytail! Can't choose, all 9 are great. I can see how these dolls would give you so much to play with, too.
    Thanks so much for the button swap!

  9. Very cute collection!! I LOVE Palm Tree Princess! New follower! ;-)

  10. Theresa I can't believe you've never seen these dolls! You must :))

    Gloria those cookies are so detailed that I don't think I could bring myself to eat one!

    Thanks Lori! Her items are amazing :))

  11. Everyone I have heard talk about those nesting dolls just loves them. I would like to see them in person, I bet they are lovely!


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