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June 16, 2012

Project FAIL

Remember the mason jar pinterest challenge redo I planned on doing? Notice how I never posted the results? Well I figured today should be the day to share them. 

 I was so confident that this time it was going to work. I searched near and far for what I assumed was going to be the magical products that would turn my streaky, lumpy, yucky mason jars into gleaming, glossy, smooth, beautiful, vintage-looking jars. And how did this latest attempt turn out??? It didn't. It was an epic FAIL!!

The yellow and blue jar above was my third time trying to get this DIY right.  Obviously it didn't work very well.  I used a tutorial that seemed to me to be foolproof.  The paints I used were Deco Permenamel and Deco Paint Thinner. The instructions stated that you thin the paint so that it is transparent, then you simply brush the outsides of the jar with this mix.  Well I made the paint as transparent as I could without it dripping off the jars, and it still wasn't all that transparent.  And it was still lumpy, streaky, blah.  

Next step was to bake the jars in the oven.  As some other DIY's I suggested, I figured the streaks would disappear, but noooooo.  All the baking did was seal the paint permanently to the jar exactly as it was.

Then I thought maybe, just maybe my problem was the shape of the jars.  I had chosen the curvy jar over the straight jars.  So I decided to find a straight jar to practice on.  I found an empty salsa jar, another tutorial, and tried it AGAIN.

This time the paint was smoother, less streaky, and more transparent.  I was so excited and was going to bake it when I turned the jar around and got a lovely surprise.  Just take a look at the photo below and you'll see what I mean.

This was actually a bit comical to me.  I just don't know what the issue is here.  I guess my final conclusion of this redo challenge is I was not meant to work with paint and glass.  That's the only thing I can think of.  
Does anyone have any suggestions on what you think went wrong?   

I am now moving onto another project which is to make a tutu and leotard/swimsuit for my daughters American Girl Doll.  Let's hope I have better luck with this project lol. I'll be sharing when their complete :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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  1. I think I would forget about the jars and move on to the next project. :-)

  2. That is a total bummer :( Sorry they didn't work for you :(

  3. My friend Melissa @ Serendipity and Spice did this. Hers turned out great. I haven't tried it, but here is her link...

  4. ooooh eeek what a shame they didn't turn out. Such great jars too. prehaps too much paint was used. I've no idea, never made them.. but everything is a learning process right?

  5. Thanks ladies :) Jennie said it ~ everything is a learning process.

  6. Oh, it stinks that the third time was not the charm. It sounds like maybe the paint is the problem.

    An alternative, posts I've read put a water/glue/food coloring mixture inside the jars and heated the jars in the oven to set the coating.

    Have a great weekend ♥

  7. This is my life, I swear, I try stuff like this and it never works. If I see anything, I'll pass it on.

  8. Third time was not a charm :( But how about the fourth time? lol

    Just can't stop myself!

  9. Ugh, how very stressful this project is turning out! I like the tutorial that Danni posted. That looks like it might be an easier way to do it? Cheaper too!


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