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June 23, 2012

Saturday Share ...

Happy Saturday Friends! 

 The cool and rainy days have moved on, and this past week was hot, Hot, HOT!!! Beach weather has finally arrived, and we took advantage of it two days last week. I just wanted to share a quick 16 second vid I made while watching Autumn running around oceanside. 

Previously she was always cautious about the waves, but this year she was all about riding the waves on her boogie board. And the crabs, there were many, many of them hiding under nearby rocks, and tons of kids were searching for them. Autumn ended up being a hit with all the boys and girls who were afraid to pick any up. She would roll her eyes and say "I'll do it for you", and she did. 

This coming Wordless Wednesday my photo will be of Autumn and some of the 
MANY dozens of crabs she collected.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday where I will share the beginnings of my latest creative challenge :)


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  1. The day at the beach sounds like great fun. I can see by the video that Autumn really enjoyed it!

  2. What a great beach day! Looks like she had a blast! Can't wait to see your ww this week. Could you please have her come here and teach Allison to not be such a sissy sometime? lol

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Theresa I really don't know where Autumn gets her behavior! Well I guess her Dad, certainly not me. She always brings me these things and I say "Don't you dare touch me with that!" lol.

  4. Tooo fun!! LOVING that video!!

  5. Our family is a beach family. We love going to beach!

  6. Oh to be near an ocean. Guess I'll have to settle for my creek and crawdads instead of crabs!! What a cute video!


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