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July 31, 2012

My Top 12 Childhood Toys Plus a Bonus...

This whole top 12 toy list began with a conversation I had with my sister about the Shaving Ken Doll that I used to have when I was a kid.  You got to draw right on his face with a brown marker, and then "shave" it off.  
How awesome is that?! 

I then went all nostalgic and decided I must document a list of my most favorite childhood toys.  I grew up in the 1970s and 80s, and it was so much fun looking through photos of toys I had long forgotten. As I made this list, all the memories came flooding back, and I once again had pigtails and weird clothes (sorry Mom it wasn't you, we were all dressed like that ;) 

1. Shave Me Ken Doll
Photo source mattel.com

2. Care Bears
Photo source trashydiva.com

3. Rubix Cube
Photo source rad80sfashion.com

4.Cabbage Patch Dolls
Photo source somelikeitvintage.blogspot.com

5.Super Simon
Photo source retro-computing.org

6.Strawberry Shortcake Dolls
Photo source squidoo.com

7.Smurf Figurines
Photo source thisnext.com

8.Baby Alive Doll
Photo source csquaredplus3.com

9.Lite Brite
Photo source kevinkeigley.com

10.Metal Roller Skates
Photo source etsy.com

11.Schwinn Banana Set Bicycle
Photo source old.picturesphotosimages.com

12.Easy Bake Oven
Photo source etsy.com

And the super special BONUS.....

Wonder Woman Underoos!
(Not a toy but, a must for my list!!!)

Photo source thanley.wordpress.com

What were some of your most favorite childhood toys?
Do you feel toys available for children these days are more or less fun?  I think today many toys are more educational, but nothing could ever beat wearing Wonder Woman Underoo's while your rollerskating OUTSIDE on the driveway :)

Be sure to stop back after noontime today to link up your Wordless Wednesday  photos!! I can't see what you all have to share this week!

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  1. Oh how funny! I got one of the first Baby Alive dolls when they came out. On Christmas morning, I mixed up the food, stuck the spoon in it's mouth and on the first chew, the vinyl on her face ripped apart and exposed all the metal and wire mechanisms....while she was still chewing away! I was so horrified!!

  2. Lmao!!!! Ohhh my that would be sooo scary as a kid!! I just remember the mechanical chewing noise it made lol.

  3. Those were some really neat toys!

  4. Those Wonder Woman Underoos- YES! I had those when I was 5. I remember jumping off the stairs and thinking I could fly every time I put those on. I've been obsesses with WW ever since lol. I still tell my husband about those underoos at least once a year :)

    What a trip down memory lane! What about SheRa? I remember playing with that castle and doll set for hours on end when I was little.

    My other favorites were Rainbow Brite (still is lol), Hugga Bunch, Popples, Poochie, and of course, My Little Ponies!

  5. Oh boy does this take me back! What a fun post! I loved my cabbage patch kid, simon, strawberry shortcake (OMG). I never knew they had a Ken doll that you could shave though; that is too freakin' funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  6. Great list. I use to barbies/dolls. I actually use to throw them out the window so my mum stopped buying me them lol!
    I look forward to buying Amelia some toys though.


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