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August 23, 2012

"Stained Glass" Letter DIY ...

Perfect craft for the bigger kids in the bunch!

At the beginning of the summer I bought this cardboard letter for Autumn to decorate. Since she's a bit older now I wanted to come up with a technique that was a little more challenging than just painting and decorating with stickers or something of the such. It took a little bit of research, but I finally combined a bunch of different DIY's and came up with this fabulous creation.

Not only did she really enjoy making this, but was very proud of the completed project. It turned into a super fun and colorful decoration for her room!

What You'll Need:

* Cardboard Letter
(mine was about 8" tall and only $1.00 at Target,
although it's a common craft store supply :)

* White paint, sponge brush, and paper cup to put the paint in

* Newspaper to prevent any accidental spills
* Mod-Podge and a smaller paint brush

* Tissue paper in your choice of different colors
1} Set the letter on newspaper and paint entire thing 
with white paint. All I had was acrylic, but you can
use whatever you have on hand.

2} Let the paint dry completely

3} Take your tissue paper and cut out a bunch of smallish
pieces. They don't have to be perfectly shaped or anything.

4} Using small paintbrush spread Mod-Podge on a small area of the letter, place a few pieces of the tissue paper to cover that area, and then seal top gently with a bit more Mod-Podge.
This is where a bit of patience is needed as things may get
sticky,and it takes some time to cover the letter.
5} Once the letter is covered and dry,
it should look something like this!

Have a great day, and be sure to stop by tomorrow
to see what theme I've chosen for my
"Fabulous Friday Finds" post!!
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  1. Cute!! I want to do one for each of my boys now, haha.

    - Jaime

  2. I have been thinking about mod podging some alphabet letters for a while. Just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    Autumn's turned out really nice! I like the colors she chose. I'm sure she feels very proud of her artwork every time she sees it in her room!

  3. Autumn did a beautiful job on the letter.

  4. So fun! Given that they sell something similar at Anthropologie for ungodly amounts, this is awesome!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  5. This is really great! :D Very crafty and creative!

  6. Thank You, Thank You for the lovelyyyyy comments!

  7. WOWWWWWWWWWW!!!! She just ROCKED it!!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee it!!!!

  8. Simple, fun project. I like it!

  9. Thanks Julie, thanks Bree!!!!


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