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August 6, 2012

Weekend Adventure ...

On Saturday my friend Jes asked me to go along with her to Keene, NH to see a folk band that her friend's daughter is in.  It's a bit of a ride, about an hour and a half from where I live, but it sounded like fun so I decided to go. 

Now I assumed that when she said "band" we were going to a bar or club. Boy was I wrong. We ended up at a small chapel which had been turned into a music venue.  A beautiful, teeny chapel, located smack in the middle of a CEMETERY from the 1800's.

I had planned to write today's post all about the band we saw.  About how the singer's voice was beautiful and clear.  About how we sat on the floor of this teeny little chapel and it was about 110 degrees in there.  But then I googled the name of the chapel for more information, and found some very interesting things. 

Things such as how this cemetery and chapel are haunted. If I had read this before our little excursion, I may have chose to stay home. (Yes I'm silly like that). Instead we were stumbling around in the dark through the cemetery completely unaware of the stories swirling around about the place being haunted.

Ready for some spookiness? Continue reading these excerpts from Hauntings ~ Paranormal Social Network...
"Visitors to Woodlawn Cemetery report strong feelings of uneasiness as they approach the Sumner Knight Chapel. A young girl is said to haunt the location near the chapel. Her apparition has been spotted behind trees." 

"EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena) of a young girl 
giggling have been captured at the Woodlawn Cemetery."

"Some Keene locals report that if a person curses at the Woodlawn Cemetery near the Sumner Knight Chapel that they often experience the taste of soap in their mouths. Some speculate that the spirit that haunts the area near Sumner Knight Chapel “washes people's mouths out with soap” if they use obscenities. They even report smelling soap on the breath of a person who has been swearing or cursing near the chapel at Woodlawn Cemetery."

"Visitors to Woodlawn Cemetery have reported hearing disembodied footsteps near two young children's graves in broad daylight."  

Below are some photos I dug up to show you where we were. You'll probably agree that this place is beautiful, but spooky.

Photo source addoway.com
This is a vintage postcard showing the entrance to the cemetery.  It still looks this way today. As we drove underneath this archway I thought "Oh no ..."

Photo source thestarvingartistcollective.com
This is the hill we walked up towards the chapel.

Photo source keenemusicfestival.org
The Sumner Knight Chapel in daylight.

Photo source article.wn.com
This is one of the only photos I could find of the inside of the chapel.  I really wanted one looking from the entrance down the aisle, but this gives you an idea of the setting.
~ ~ ~

I didn't experience any sightings or noises myself while I was here, although I didn't ask Jes if she did. If so she probably knew better than to mention it to me.  She even ran back to the car by herself at one point, in the dark.

Before I go I do want to share a video of the band we went to see.  They are "Annie and The Beekeepers". If you like what you hear you can find plenty more videos on YouTube.


Does anyone have any haunting experiences they'd like to share?  I'd love to hear them, even though when I go to bed tonight I may be hiding under the blankets :)

Hope you all have a great week. Some highlights from this coming week include my Wordless Wednesday Blog Party Linkup, Fabulous Friday Finds, and my new NO RULES Weekend Blog Party Linkup.

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  1. Wow.... to me, that would be SO FUN!!! I love stories like this (yet, I can't watch a horror/slasher film! lol!!!) ... I am keen to spirits so this would have been fun to me :) I am glad you went and the band sounds wonderful!!!

  2. I think that would have been an awesome adventure. The band sounds great.

  3. I find old cemeteries to be so beautiful. Little chapels too! That looks like a really cool place you visted! Thanks for sharing the photos! Glad you decided to go :)

    The band sounds really good too!

  4. Anyone get that soapy feeling? The setting is unusual, what a great experience though.


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