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September 17, 2012

10 Things About Me You Don't Know ...

... unless your family or friends in which case I have probably embarrassed you, baffled you, annoyed you and or made you angry with me at some point. For this I apologize because it's just me, and I can't help it. So if you've ever wondered why my profile here on my blog says I'm quirky, read on! 

1}  I laugh REALLY loud everywhere I go.  And I laugh a LOT! And I can be really silly. No harm in having a bit of fun right?

2}  When I drive I make sudden crazy maneuvers with my car, and sometimes when I'm on the highway something in my brain tells me  I should be taking a particular exit, which is usually nowhere near where I'm actually going. Then I have to backtrack, sometimes getting lost for a period of time. Oh and I usually end  up near an airport. Happens every time!

3} My eyes are waaaaaay bigger than my stomach.  Watch out when I'm at the Chinese food buffet, or at a holiday dinner.

4}  I HATE grocery shopping.  I make it a mission to walk through the store as fast as possible, usually forgetting multiple things on my attempt to get out of the store in record time. And YES I have timed myself hahaha.

5}  When I was little my favorite food was fudge. I still love fudge, but is it really considered a food? Hmmm, yea I think it is so I'll say fudge is still my favorite food.

6}  I'm SUPER indecisive.  

7} I am spontaneous, hate planning ahead, and hate to RSVP to events. I know this has made it difficult for some of you, and I am sorry :(

8}  I LOVE jackets, shoes and bags and I NEVER match them.  I like the crazy colorful look. And I never match my underwear and bra either.  Sorry if this is too personal, but it's true.

9}  I HATE to pump gas.  I will put it off until I absolutely have to, and when I'm super low I get all sweaty hoping I don't run out.  

10} I love being a mom even though sometimes I'm really tired and grumpy. The good part is my silliness usually cancels that out ;)

Well there it alllll is spilled out for the world to see!

(Oh and I love to take self-portraits :)

Looking ahead to this week, tomorrow I will announce the winner of my Happy Little Giveaway!!! My Wordless Wednesday blog party will be open Tuesday at noontime {US EST}, and stop by on Friday to see the theme of my latest Fabulous Friday Finds Etsy picks!  

In addition, this weekend I will have two blog parties going on! My NO RULES Weekend Blog Party, and I will be co-hosting the "Friday Chaos Blog Party" hosted by Kerry from Oh So Amelia and Charlotte from BericeBaby !! 

Wishing you all a lovely week :)

Today I'm linking up with these fun blogs!

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  1. This was so fun to read and loveeeeeeeeeeee that photo of you!!!!!!

  2. YOU are AWESOME!! Just had to put that out there...not only can you straight up lay down the law with your post BUT you are funny to boot and I LOVE your self portrait pic!

    thanks for stopping by my wee little blog to leave a comment on my orange trash! hehe

    Have a great week!


  3. Thank you Julie and Dawn! ps: Dawn when you discovered that wood thingy it may have been trash, but you turned it into a treasure :))

  4. Cute post :)I love learning more about my blogging buddies! Maybe your brain is trying to tell you to get on one of those planes at the airport and take a vacation?

    And yes, fudge is most definitely a food. If I had my way, it would have it's own category in the main food group list!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. We have a lot of things in common! Absolutely hate RSVPing (is that a word). Not to fond of pumping gas either (especially on cold winter days)! Lovin' jackets, shoes, and bags (ah yes please)! Oh, and I almost forgot, my eyes are so much bigger than my stomach. I usually end up wasting food; it's horrible really.

  6. Found you through "Inspire Me Monday" ... love your blog! *joining*

  7. Ughh grocery shopping!! I hate this with a passion
    I am now following from the weekend blog walk, have a great week!

  8. Haha, I'm very indecisive too, so let's not go somewhere together or we'll never get anything accomplished. haha :). Cute list!


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