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November 5, 2012

Catching Up!

As any blogger knows going without power for even a day can put you behind on what you'd like to accomplish.  Losing power for three days will put you even more behind, which was the case with my last week.

I was disappointed that I was unable to participate in WW last week, other than to pre-schedule my post and hope for the best.  At this point I think that I have pretty much caught up on all return comments and linky love returns from when I was away, although I may still have a few that I haven't gotten to yet as well as a few emails to reply to (in case you're waiting for me!).

But finally, to complete my catching up, I have a bunch of recent photos to share including Halloween, and a few  outdoor fall activities we squeezed in before the real cold weather arrives and the snow flies.


With November comes my daughter Autumn's 9th birthday, Thanksgiving, & holiday preparations!  I'll have many exciting things to share in the weeks to come :)

Looking Ahead:

I'll be back tomorrow with some photos of Autumn's birthday party, and I'll be sharing some of the fun gifts she received, which may be on your child's holiday list...

If you participate in Wordless Wednesday I'd love for you to stop by anytime after 12PM US EST tomorrow (Tuesday) and link up! I love to see what you all have to share each week :)

And don't forget about my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party which opens Friday afternoons, and stays open all weekend long.  The party continues to grow each week thanks to my wonderful bloggy friends.  This past weekend we broke the record with just over 100 linkups!! 

If your new to my blog and haven't yet linked up to my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party I'd love for you to join me! You can link up anything you like ~ Blogs, Twitter, Facebook Pages, Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy Shops etc....!! This is a great way to network, meet new bloggy friends, and gain traffic/followers.  

Wishing you all a lovely week!


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  1. I get it, trust me. I feel SO stressed out every year when we head down to Disney for the week. I always line up guest posters, but I never bring my laptop with me or anything, so I don't tweet or comment on other people's blogs as much while I'm away and I always feel overwhelmed when I get back.....

    Take a deep breath. You'll catch up eventually and we'll all still be here when you do catch up :)

  2. I agree with Masshole Mommy. Taking a few days off always puts me behind. You'll catch up though and all will be right again soon! I was stressing about how to keep up next week while we are on vacation at Disney, but I figure it will eventually go back to normal by the end of the month.

    Love those photos. Autumn's Halloween costume ROCKS! I wish I could get my kids to dress gory, since I am so over the princess stage. Maybe next year?

  3. Great photos! I wishing you a lovely November!:-D

  4. The photos are great. I am glad your power is back on and you are getting back to normal.

  5. Love the costume!!! She rocked it!!!!

  6. Glad your power is back! I love love love all the photos and her costume totally ROCKED!!!!!

  7. Glad you got your power back! There are way too many people in the northeast suffering through the cold right now!

    Love your daughter's costume! Mine was a little vampire too and totally got into the blood. lol

  8. great costume!!! 3 days is a long time with out power...glad your back!!

  9. the pictures are awesome! stopping by from the blog hop on Crazy Mama! New follower!


  10. Great pictures and love her Halloween Costume!

    Southern Glamourista

  11. Thank you for the sweet comments ladies!!! I appreciate it immensely :)


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