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November 8, 2012

It's a GIRL Thing!

Autumn isn't a big party girl, which is completely opposite myself.  I love a party!  Each year before her birthday arrives we talk about how she'd like to celebrate.  She always starts off thinking she'd like a party with her friends, but so far each year she's changed her mind, and chosen to spend the day doing something special with her best friend Catherine.

Last year Autumn chose to take a trip down to Boston to the American Girl Store, and she loved it so much she wanted to do it again this year.  She's been diligently saving her money to purchase McKenna, the doll of the year, before she is retired and no longer available, and her birthday was a perfect reason to make the trip to the store and to have lunch in the bistro.

If you haven't been to an American Girl store before,  it's a  really cute and exciting place for a doll-lover. You can dress up  and bring your own doll, and stroll around the store looking at all the new dolls and accessories in person, instead of just in the coveted catalog, or online.  

The best part is having lunch in the bistro.   It's so girly, and the dolls are treated just like guests.

The downside (yes unfortunately there is one) is that the dolls and accessories are pretty expensive, the food isn't anything spectacular, and it's normally crowded.  

But it's the whole experience that makes it so special, and it's worth it to me to put a smile on your girl's face, especially on her birthday. 

Posing in front of the store

Posing with a cardboard cutout of McKenna


Autumn and Catherine ready for lunch.

Autumn's dolls are also ready for lunch.

The big banana split Autumn insisted she 
wanted, and then couldn't eat.

Have you been to the American Girl store? 
If so what was your experience like?
Love it? Hate it?

Looking ahead:

Tomorrow is Fridayand that means the latest 
edition of Fabulous Friday Finds will be out. 

And beginning at 12PM US EST tomorrow my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party 
opens for the entire weekend!  You can stop by anytime and link up anything! 
How fabulous is that?!



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  1. I have three boys, so there won't be any trips to the American Girl store for me, but I had Molly when I was a kid. I'm not even sure she's one of them, but I think I still have her in a box in my attic somewhere.

  2. How fun!!! I haven't been to one yet!!! Adorable photos!! LOVE them!!!!

  3. What a great fun outing and will be such great memories:) This makes me miss my daughters when they were young.

  4. I have never heard of this store before but it sounds wonderful. I can see that Autumn had a wonderful time.

  5. Oh man, Allison is huge into American Girls. So much so she asked if she could have McKenna for her birthday this year because "she's a gymnast just like me. I HAVE TO HAVE HER!" Which resulted in a huge meltdown when I told her probably not.

    We have never been to the AG store, but I may steal your idea and ask her if she would like to go there this year instead of a bday party. Her birthday is Dec. 19th, and we have WAY too much planned around that time. I really have no desire to mess with a party this year. I would much rather drive into Chicago, though I am sure the traffic will stink right around the holidays!

  6. What a little cutie she is. That banana split makes me hungry.

  7. Aww, looks like she had so much fun. I would have loved that at her age!! Maybe I can enjoy it secondhand with one of my daughters. I just hope one of them loves American Doll as much as I did as a kid, lol.


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