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January 21, 2013

Hide and Seek ...

I've always become frustrated with Hide and Seek.  This may seem strange, but it's true.  First of all how can you find a really great place to hide in such a short time? Second, what happens when you can't find the other person?  

Now add to the equation that it's bedtime, and your child is playing Hide and Seek, but you don't yet know this.  You've asked her to go brush her teeth and put on her pj's, then realize it's been 20 minutes and she hasn't come back to say goodnight.

Unknowingly the seeking begins.  

She's not in the bathroom so she must have become distracted with something in her bedroom.  But she doesn't seem to be in the bedroom either, which is really weird.  

My inner Mommy voice yells "OMG she's gone!".  Then I realize that is really stupid, and that she must be hiding.  Grrrrr. My least favorite game.

I look all around her bedroom in every place she could possibly have stuck her small self, and come up with nothing.   Moving on I check all around the entire house, with no success.  

Back to her bedroom I trudge, a bit angry now.  Still empty.  So what's a Mom to do? Yell ~   "I know your hiding on me and it's getting late so you better come out now!!!"

This elicited a bunch of giggles coming from....where?? I still can't figure it out, but it is coming from this very bedroom.  Then the shade on the window moves and "BOO!".  Out pops the very girl whose now been "missing" for a half and hour.  

Her windowsill was just wide enough to squeeze in there without being seen.  I was so shocked that I had her hide there twice more to see if her Dad and brother could find her.  Well this turned out to be the best hiding spot ever, because neither found her right away.

After the whole game was over, I had Autumn go back behind the shade so I could take some photos.  She won't be able to fit in this hiding spot much longer... 

Moral of the story ~ don't ever let anyone know that you hate hide and seek. It's too late for me, but maybe not for you...

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  1. What a good spot. She's clever.
    I know what you feel when you did not find your little girl right there and then. I would definitely shout right away. haha.

  2. such a lovely post Paula!

  3. LOL!! That is a pretty clever spot!!!!

  4. She got you. Don't worry. I'm that mom that thinks robbers would come into my house just to take away my kids. I probably wouldn't have lasted 30 minutes.


  5. That is a seriously awesome hiding spot! My little guy is still too young to understand the concept of hide and seek, but I know once he figures it out I'm done for! :-)

    SO glad I found your blog via the blog hop. I can't wait to read more!!!

  6. LOL, sneaky little girl! That is a brilliant hiding spot!

  7. She got you good - what a good hiding spot LOL. I hate hide & seek, too!

  8. Hi! Just stopping by from the Mom's Monday Mingle blog hop! New follower on your lovely blog, would love to have you stop by my blog sometime and follow back if you like.

    Melissa @ thisgirlslifeblog.com

  9. She was pretty clever to find that spot. Now you'll know where to look, but pretend not to! As a child I like hide and seek, but not now. Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know you liked my Valentine Fabric Hoops.

  10. So cute! Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up with us for find + follow friday! Already a happy follower of your too adorable blog! :) Hope to see you again this week :D

    ♥Nicole @ Me + the Moon

  11. Oh my gosh... how funny! My son hides too, but so far I know all of his spots. ;)


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