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January 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday Blog Party with Linky!

Speedy in the snow ...

Now it's time to show me what you've got, wordless or not!
Link up your WW photos below ~ I always return the Linky Lve :)

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  1. Great photo. Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  2. I love the color contrast of the black on white. Speedy is adorable@

  3. AWWWW...speedy is braver than my Tango and Cash!! They would not dare to go out in the snow! how cute! You go Speedy! Black cats Rock! Thanks for hosting Paula! You guys have a lovely week!

  4. I can comment now, not sure what was going on with my screen before, maybe I just had too many windows open.

    I like the kitty in the snow. :)

  5. Very pretty cat, the black fur against the white snow is beautiful!

  6. Whoo Hoo! You are up and running again. I just wonder if the cat is cold. :)

  7. Wonderful picture Paula! Speedy is so cute and looks cool in the snow. I am glad to be able to comment now. Take care and enjoy the rest of your day.

  8. we need that kitty for all the voles that came back!!

  9. Whenever I see a kitty in the snow I wonder to myself if the pussy cat knows they are standing on water. ;) Nifty picture of a brave (and probably a bit chilly) Speedy.

  10. Very cute kitty!

    Happy Thurday, Paula!

  11. Aww! what a cute pussy in the snow amazing how Speedy stands out in the snow heheh!

    Have a purrrrfecttabulous weekend :-)

  12. It's funny to see our pets in the snow. My dog was hesitant and then was crazy with happiness!

    Visiting you from Wordless Wednesday Bloggers and The Jenny Evolution! Here's my post -

  13. So cute! Looks like he kind of likes the snow.

  14. What a great photo of black against the white. My cats would freak out in the snow! You have a brave (and cute) kitty!


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