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February 28, 2013

Leprechaun Mischief ...

Last year Autumn was all about catching a leprechaun.  She built a trap, and every morning she sprung out of bed to see if there was a little man in green inside.  After a few days she was disappointed that she had not only not caught a leprechaun, but that there weren't any signs that a leprechaun had been around the house.  I ended up buying a bunch of chocolate coins, and placed them by the trap.  That morning was a very joyous morning, and I knew that a new tradition was brewing!

I decided that a week or two before St. Patrick's Day this year, I needed to do some funny little things that would suggest that a leprechaun may have come to visit during the night.  After researching ideas online, I've come up with some really fun things to try.  If your up for this too you might just be tempted to snag one of these bright ideas for yourself. 

A green surprise in the toilet

A gift of clover in a little pot

A gift of chocolate coins

The milk turned green

Oops! Left his little hat behind!

Leprechaun mail

 Sprinkles scattered on the breakfast table

Regular shoelaces replace with green ones

These fun ideas have made me excited to plan a bit of mischief once Autumn goes to bed at night!  Have I inspired you to do the same? Or maybe your still burned out from the Elf on the Shelf antics?  

Looking Ahead:

The weekend is almost here and that means it's time for my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party! {Yes I like to start early!}  If you haven't linked up with me before this party is a great way to network and make new friends.  You can link up anything you like because there are NO RULES!  Come link up your blogs, G+ pages, FB pages, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy shops ... Last week the record was broken with 165 linkups! 

Hope to see you there!


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  1. Oh I wish I lived nearer my grandbabies!! I would so do all of these:) Sending the link to their mommies so maybe they will stand in:)

    Have a great day!!

  2. I agree, Evelyn, I wish I lived closer to my grandbabies so I could do something like this for them. How creative!

  3. Your ideas are super gorgeous. It's during the special events of the season that makes me wish I have children or haven't stop teaching at primary school. (sigh)

    All the best and I bet Autumn will have an exciting surprise!


  4. That little leprechaun is as bad as that silly little Elf on the Shelf. I love the toilet prank!!

  5. u've got a gr8 blog... want to follow eachother????? if so follow me and let me know and i'll follow bak for sure.. :)

  6. These are such fun ideas! We did the trap last year too. Allison wants to make some adjustments to be sure she catches him this year!

  7. these are great and fun ideas. I can imagine the giggles from a little child the next morning or the amazement you can see from their eyes.


  8. My children would have loved this when they were younger. I will stick this in the reserve file for whenthe grandchildren start arriving. Hopefully that's not for about 10 to 15 years.

    Looking forward to the No Rules Linky Party.


  9. What great ideas! This looks like so much fun! Love the green footprints on the toilet :o)

  10. Cute ideas, now only to find the time!!! :) Danica

  11. Love the feet on the toilet - that's so cute!

  12. The feet on the toilet is hilarious! Not to mention the "deposit" made. I also like the little leprechaun mail. What orignal and fun ideas!

  13. Theses are so cute. I am a slow hopper. Still hopping with Linking with my Ladies.


  14. Just dropping in to say hi! Love this post you had me laughing with the toilet & foot prints. & I love the idea of the mini letters.Visiting from DearCreatives.com

  15. Some fun ideas Paula! The green surprise in the toilet is so funny. St.Patrick's Day is not celebrated in a big way here but Irish persons living in Jamaica celebrate it. It is interesting seeing posts about it. Thanks for sharing on Creative Monday and have a good day.


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