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February 11, 2013

Snow ...

All last week the weather forecasters' talked about the big snow that was on it's way to parts of New England this past weekend.  We were expecting 1-2 feet of snow, which seemed like a crazy amount seeing that we had hardly any snow at all this whole winter. 

To prepare for the storm we needed to make sure we were set to be pretty much trapped at home for a few days. For us this meant do we have enough food and gas for the generator? This in itself wasn't easy with packed grocery stores and lines at the gas stations.

School was cancelled for Friday, although only light snow fell on and off during the day. Towards late afternoon the snow and wind did pick up, and it stayed steady until Saturday morning.  

We awoke to a winter wonderland, to say the least.  It was difficult to tell exactly how much snow we got because it was light and fluffy, and blew around a lot in the wind, but it was halfway up our car doors. And when we went outside, it was up past my knees. 

We ran around out there and had some fun for about an hour, and I took a bunch of photos to remember the storm that ended up with it's own hashtag ~ #Nemo. 

Looking Ahead:

Tomorrow I'll be back to share this year's Valentine's Autumn and I put together for her class.  And beginning at 12PM US EST my Wordless Wednesday Blog Party will be open for entries!  If you participate in WW, I'd love to see you here...and I always return the WW Linky L♥VE!


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  1. wow so much snow. Now I live in Scotland we have maybe two days snow but in Poland we have almost evry year too much :-)

  2. woow! so much fun out there..

  3. Eh - not too bad, huh? I've seen worse, as I'm sure you have, too! Glad you guys didn't get hit TOO hard this time around!

  4. Wowwwwwwwww!!! You got some beautiful shots!! LOVE them!!

  5. I love looking out on the marshmallow world of untouched snow....we got merely a dusting in Southwestern PA and it's a beautiful Monday here. I hope you are shoveled out. Spring will be here soon, right?

  6. Paula, this looks like it would have been so much fun!! I absolutely adore the snow and Chicagoland got really ripped off this year! I'm jealous!


  7. I am glad Autumn had so much fun in the snow.

  8. Beautiful photos, and it looks like you had even more snow down there than we did!

    Kate x

  9. Hi Paula,
    I have relatives in the U.S.A. who live in the affected states. I have never experienced snow but I think it is beautiful. Somehow as I look at it I think of ice-cream!LOL Anyway, I am glad you are all safe and you got to go outside with your family and take these lovely pictures. Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

  10. What a great lot of snow. It looks awesome! :)

    Glad you're safe and warm!!

  11. Oh wow, that was a decent dumping. Looks like fun too, great photos :)

  12. Sitting here in Australia wearing shorts and a t-shirt, I can barely imagine how cold it must be. We don't get snow where I live. I am definitely a Summer person.

    Stunning photos.

  13. Oh wow, that amount of snow is going to burn some calories just walking from the house to the driveway! This is one for the memory book.


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