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February 25, 2013

Vine, the cool new Twitter app

If your on Twitter you most likely have heard of their new app Vine.  If you haven't, it is a video hosting app unlike no other.  You create six second videos, which continuously loop over and over, and then you can publish to just the app itself, or on Twitter and/or Facebook, or save it only to your camera roll.  This didn't sound too exciting to me at first, and if your just hearing about it now, it probably doesn't sound too exciting to you either. But read on and you may become hooked like I did... 

To start off, I created a couple videos that I didn't publish just for practice.  These first videos were pretty boring and I deleted them.  At this point I was questioning the purpose of this app, and began looking around on Vine at other users videos.  I was surprised by how creative some people have become with this app, and realized that with a little imagination you can create some pretty cool videos.

So I've given Vine another try, and right now have four little videos.  I can't say I'm too proud of them. Their really just silly.  But many of the good one's I've seen are silly too. In the meantime I think it's fun to play around with, and I'm definitely interested in becoming more proficient with this app, and learning of some useful ways to use it.

I stumbled across a new blog which has some useful ways for bloggers to use Vine.  If you think you might be interested in learning more about Vine, I encourage you to either read the post I've linked to below, or research for articles yourself.   I think there's more to Vine than meets the eye...

Have you signed up for Vine? 
What has your experience been with it? 
Hate it, love it? Any tips?  
I'd love for you to share!

Looking Ahead:

Tomorrow afternoon beginning at 12PM US EST my Wordless Wednesday Blog Party will be open for entries! If you participate in WW, I'd love to see what you have to share this week :)

Also, Thursday beginning at 12PM US EST my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party will be open.  This is a fun one, and I hope to see you there!  I want to say a GIANT THANK YOU to all of last week's participants! You helped make the party a huge success! 

I'll also have some fun things to share with you in between!  
Wishing you all a lovely week :)


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  1. I keep hearing about this app and have been meaning to check it out. The thing is, I really don't take many videos and when I do, they are at least a minute or so, so I don't think this would work for me.

  2. Saw it in one of blog hops! It was a vine blog hop!

    Never tried it before but would surely try if I have the time!

  3. I have never heard of this before.

  4. I've heard of Vine, just have not had the time to mess with it! :) I think I should though!

    Thanks for stopping by the Blog Hop! Don't forget about my Link Up as well!


  5. I have not used it yet, but have seen Ai Sakura's vine videos and thought they were cute. I heard that it was only working with iphone right now. I don't have one, but my husband does. If they work with android phones, I will definitely try it out.

  6. Man! Did you know your "comment" word is really hard to find? Anyone else say that?

    Thanks for the info on twitter. I am DONE with FB. I may go to Twitter.

  7. I haven't gotten hooked ... *yet* :)

  8. I live under a rock most of the time, so I've never looked into it or heard much about it! Will look into it if I can find the time! :)


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