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March 18, 2013

Happy Mail Review!

Back in January I co-hosted a Happy Mail Party along with Leah from Lovely Life of Leah.  The idea was to be paired up with another blogger to swap what has been coined as Happy Mail.  

If you've never heard of Happy Mail, this is when you chose a fun/silly item that weighs 13 oz or less to mail without packaging, stick an address somewhere on this item, and just pop this item right in the mailbox, or take inside for exact postage if your unsure. 

I did a bit of research beforehand, and found all sorts of fun/silly items that had been mailed by others this way ~ balls, flip flops, and even a filled Christmas stocking!  I love to spread cheer and joy where ever I go, and decided I just had to give it a try myself. I set up a linky party for participants to sign up, and then matched us each up with a partner.

Now for the fun part ~ choosing what you wanted to mail, and then being brave enough to go to the post office and mail it as is!  

Here are a few photos I received of some of the Happy Mail that went out.  As far as I know everyone's Happy Mail made it safely to it's recipient.  When I brought my item to the post office, they tried to discourage me from mailing my stuff "as is", and I was a little worried.  But it made it!!

I mailed out this cute little package to Kelly from Eyes on the Source.  
I chose pure maple syrup and maple candy, which represent my state of NH.  
I was happy when Kelly informed me that it had arrived intact!  

In return Kelly mailed me this cool wooden tiki head!  
This certainly gave a a laugh when I peeked in my mailbox!

Leah from Lovely Life of Leah sent her partner 
this adorable set of washi tape!

And the final photo I have to share is from Gloria of New End Studio
of this cute creativity package she sent to her partner!

All in all I think this party was a success!  I'm sure many smiles were had, not only by the givers and recipients, but by those working at the post office as well :)

Looking Ahead:

Tomorrow I'll be back with photos of my newest Little Birdie baby shower creations, and after noontime US eST tomorrow my Wordless Wednesday Blog Party will be open for entries!  I love to see what you all have to share each week :)

If you love blog parties I also host a NO RULES Weekend Blog Party beginning Thursday afternoons.  This is a fun one, because you can share anything you like!  I want to shout out a GIANT THANK YOU to all of last week's participants! You help to make the party a huge success! 

I'll also have some fun things to share with you in between!  
Wishing you all a lovely week :)



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  1. That is such a cool idea! I love what you sent out and the tiki head is wicked cool. Getting stuff in the mail is so much fun!

  2. What a neat idea :) Getting pressies in the mail is fun for everybody, the giver and the receiver. Very novel idea not having any wrapping!

  3. Very cool!! LOVING what you got!!

  4. such a lovely idea..

  5. Such a fun idea. I do love to get things in the mail. It's usually just junk and bills though lol.

  6. Love the variety of items that made it safely through the mail ♥ It was fun to participate!

  7. Thanks so much for hosting, Paula! That was so fun to see what everyone else sent, too! ~Kelly @ Eyes on the Source


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