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May 21, 2013

Guest Post by Marcela De Vivo ...

Clever and Useful Ways of 
DIY Gift Wrapping

So, you’ve picked out the perfect gift. What are you going to do?  Just throw it in a paper bag and hand it over? While it might be the easiest way to deliver a gift, taking the extra time to make the packaging match the present can really add that extra wow-factor to your gift.

Gift wrapping and packaging can also be a fun DIY craft project. Spark your creativity with this checklist for discovering interesting and unique ways to wrap a gift with your own special flair:

Know your Audience

 Just like gift buying, gift wrapping should reflect the person you are gifting to, as well as yourself. Creating a theme for your present is a vital part of the wrapping process.

Get to know your subject’s likes to find the best possible wrapping paper. For a child’s gift, you might want to use the comics section of the newspaper or pages from a coloring book. A fan of Disney is sure to enjoy something with their favorite princesses on top.

Stationery stores are filled with a wealth of ideas. Stamps are a great way to put some personality into boring plain paper. You can turn a brown grocery bag into something special with colorful stamps. There’s sure to be plenty of options of stamps, like animals, transportation and flowers.

Stickers of all shapes and sizes can also usually be found in stationery stores. There will be several more options for stickers, so that may be the way to go for the person with more specialized tastes.

Another way to turn boring wrapping paper into something unique is by using chalkboard markers. Dark paper can transform into an artistic canvas. This is a great option if you feel confident in your penmanship or artistic ability. You can search online to find a plethora of artistic designs for chalkboard markers.

 Repurposing Materials 

The best gift wrapping material may already be in your home without even knowing it. At times, the things we take for granted can be repurposed into smart gifting.

While you may be inclined to toss mason jars and wine bottles into the recycling bin, they can actually be used to store smaller gifts, such as candy or baked goods. Your kitchen might be filled with things that seem like trash but can be put to perfect use.

An oven mitt is another such item that can be used as a gift bag if the present is the right size. The wrapping becomes like a bonus gift. It’s especially perfect if your gift is related to cooking.

Other materials that can be repurposed into great gift containers include flower pots, hat and shoe boxes and tins.

 With a Bow on Top

The best-wrapped gifts come with a little something special on top. Sure, you can be boring and buy a 50-cent ribbon at the store and just stick it on, but where’s the fun in that?

A newspaper ribbon can be cut in any number of ways. The internet is a great resource for finding tutorials on gift-wrapping ideas. Origami would also surely look pleasant on top of your present, whether it’s a classic crane, tulip or whatever your busy fingers can fold. While these methods take a bit of creativity, it is ultimately worth it.

On the other hand, if your artistic skills are lacking, there are still other cool toppings. Candy, plastic flowers and playing cards are among the other creative toppers you can include.

Remember, when it comes to wrapping your present, let your imagination and creativity take over; you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer in Los Angeles who writes about a variety of topics, including marketing, health and technology. As a very creative individual, she loves finding new ways to make her gifts truly stand out with unique gift-wrapping ideas.

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  1. Those are such great tips. I am such a crappy wrapper that I usually just go with gift bags. My mom is an awesome wrapper, but I didn't inherit any of her talent in that department.

  2. Awesome tips. Pretty packages just feel good when you're passing them out. :)


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