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May 9, 2013

The Girl Behind the Blog #4!

Oh boy, here we go again! It's time for my new blog series I call "The Girl Behind the Blog"!   What is all this about you ask?!!

Each Thursday morning, weather permitting, I will reveal things about myself that you can't see from reading my blog alone. What am I really like? What are my quirks? What do I love, and what do I hate?  Keep reading to find out, and come back every Thursday morning for a new reveal :)

Here goes!

Reveal #4!

I have a major sweet tooth. 
 Yep, this is my latest confession.
But please, read on...

If health were not a concern, I would add two teaspoons of sugar to my two morning coffees, and eat sugary cereal and donuts for breakfast.  For lunch perhaps maybe just some ice cream would do, and for dinner....who needs dinner when there's dessert?!

I know this is a terrible, terrible thing. And NO I DON'T really eat this way, but it's so tempting.   Luckily I have kids to set an example for, therefore I make sure we all have healthy lunches, and most nights I make a healthy dinner from scratch with veggies.  

I try not to bake cookies every week, which is also very tempting.  I try not to stop at Dunk's too often and get an ice coffee, which I must have with cream and real sugar. I try not to go out for ice cream too often during the summer.  The point is I try!

BUT yes, I am very tempted by the sweets in the bakery window at the grocery store.  And yes, I'd love to sit down every night after dinner with a nice big cupcake!

Ok, one more confession down!  
What will my reveal be next week? 
You just never know :)

Before I go I just wanted to give a quick shoutout to my newest blog sponsor Datevitation!   This is a really cool online company where you can create coupon books geared towards a specific person.  These books can be date ideas for your other half, or activities to do with your children, or even as a Father's Day gift!  

I've already created and ordered my coupon book, and on Monday will be back with a review, and a giveaway for your very own coupon book!  Stay tuned for details :))

Looking Ahead:

Be sure to stop back later on today after 12PM US EST and link up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party! If you haven't linked up with me before this party is a great way to network and make new friends.  You can link up anything you like because there are NO RULES!  Come link up your blogs, G+ pages, FB pages, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy shops ...

Last week there were 138 entries!! I'd like to thank everyone who takes the time to stop by and link up with my party ~ it really means a lot to me, and I truly appreciate it :) 


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  1. I have a wicked sweet tooth as well. Just yesterday I was at Panera for lunch and I got 2 peanut butter cookies and a large caramel latte....as my meal. LOL.

  2. I only seem to want donuts when someone brings them into work! LOL!! I have more of a salty tooth :)

  3. I tend to treat myself to a donut from Dunks once a week. They are honestly not as bad for you as a bagel!

  4. My big weakness is dark chocolate (and if I am honest, milk and white chocolate too).

    Kate x
    Kate at Home

  5. It is interesting learning more about you Paula. I could have that cupcake now!:) I also have a sweet tooth. When sweet things are in the house I can't resist them so at times I keep them out! LOL Guess what?! I ended up eating sugar free ice-cream this week and was surprised that it was not bad at all. Well, this weekend is Mother's Day weekend and I will be celebrating with my mother. That means cake and ice-cream! Have a Happy Mother's Day weekend.

  6. Man, I do love sweets. If you see me on Pinterest, my sweet treats board has the most pins lol.

  7. I have a sweet tooth too. I try to curb it with a low carb diet. Tell us about your purse/wallet/backpack...whatever you use. What essentials do you always have with you?

  8. My girl keeps me on the straight and narrow too. Sometimes I sneak, though! I like "reveal". That's cute!

  9. I love sweet! I can say goodnes - no . I always say - yes


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