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July 15, 2013

Guest Post and a Fabulous Giveaway!

Today I'm super excited to bring you a guest post and a giveaway from Leah Vidal, owner of the blog Little Miss Wordy AND author of a top-selling summer read titled Red Circle Days!  

Leah is being very generous in giving away not just one, but two of her signed books for this spectacular giveaway!  So yes, there will be two winners for this one! You can enter below Leah's post :)

Paula of Sincerely, Paula is the kind of gal every crafty woman wants to spend their Friday nights with and every non-crafty woman envies. Not only is she talented and quirky, but she has her own Etsy shop! Her blog is full of DIY projects for every occasion which is why I found myself staring at a blinking cursor and hearing the old Adam Ant lyrics, "Don't drink, don't smoke…what do you do?" except in this case it was more like "Don't knit, don't sew…what do you do?" 

I thought about writing about my short jaunt through the world of scrapbooking many moons ago, but I don't have much to say on that since I still have brand new scrapbooks and materials collecting dust somewhere across the ocean, in a "craft room" in Texas. 

Then I thought I could write about the Stamp It Up days (and by days I mean approximately one week in December of 2008), when my best friend convinced me to make our own Christmas cards that year. 

Of course, there was also the time when I decided to refinish an old coffee table, but after hours of sanding and staining, I decided to just go with the old rustic look instead. It's not that I don't enjoy crafts, but I have to admit to being a moody crafter. By that I mean, the mood strikes for me to tackle a crafty project only to find myself heading in a completely different direction with it once I get bored with said project. 

Maybe, I should call myself an ADD crafter instead. 

"Don't drink, don't smoke…what do you do?" Don't knit, don't sew…what do you do?"
I guess I would say I create memories for my family, I turn a house into a home, and I make words come to life in a way I hope will outlive me someday so my children, my friends and my family will feel a bit closer to me when I'm no longer around. 

Recently after one of our many moves, as we were bidding farewell to some new friends who were visiting our new home they commented on how warm and welcoming our house felt from the moment they stepped through the door. My husband responded, "I give my lovely bride (yes, that's what he still calls me after 18 years) all the credit. Anyone can move into a house, but she always makes it a home for us." 

I do love to find the perfect wall for our family photo gallery of sepia framed prints covering generations of relatives on both sides of our families. I love to fill glass containers with sea glass and shells collected with our children and place them throughout the house as a reminder of the rare treasures we come across when we least expect it. 

I recently started making digital photo year books (thank you Pinterest) of each year since my oldest was born, and I love to see them laying on our coffee table, where I can relive those memories with a flip of a page or two, transport myself to the hospital room on the day my children were born, to the first family vacation that didn't include visiting relatives, my daughter's first hair cut, or my son's first toothless grin. 

In some ways, I guess I hope my blog, my book, my writing will do just that for my children one day. I hope they read my words and find what they're looking for in them, whether it's advice, guidance, a laugh, or a moment in time come to life again. I hope they view my words as a piece of my heart on the page or on the screen, a piece of my heart they can forever carry with them. They are way too young now to understand half the stuff I write, but I'm fond of exploring life's little moments, believing it is in these moments we learn life's biggest lessons. I can only hope when they're old enough to understand my writing, they will also understand the lessons. 

"Don't drink, don't smoke…what do you do?" Don't knit, don't sew…what do you do?"
I guess I craft life and find ways to preserve the precious moments.

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And now on to the fabulous 


Looking Ahead:

  Last week I pulled a disappearance act on you all and I do apologize.  In recent weeks my life has gone from crazy, to infinity and beyond, but I can promise you that I will be participating in Wordless Wednesday beginning tomorrow at 12PM US EST as well as hosting my fabulous NO RULES Weekend Blog Party beginning Thursday afternoon.  This is a fun one, because you can share anything you like! Thank you so much for sticking around!


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  1. Hi Paula
    Hope all is well with you. Just came by to say hello. Drop by sometime when you have a chance.

    By the way that bathtub photo with the yarn is priceless.

    1. I loved that photo…had to include it! Hope you've entered the giveaway!

  2. What a fun, quirky photo! I like to craft too, but the mood has to be right. Nothing is worse than forced crafts. Then I feel like it's a chore instead of what it was meant to be- FUN!

    1. I thought that photo was priceless when I came across it! ;-) I'm glad to hear I'm not the only moody crafter! lol Hope you've entered to win a signed copy of my book, Red Circle Days!

  3. How fun!! Off to check this all out!!!

  4. That is exactly why I gave up scrapbooking. I did it a lot when my kids were little, but it because a chore and I lost interest.

  5. Yep! I was into all the Creative Memories stuff years ago, but I find as much satisfaction these days creating the digital photo books
    on Shutterfly. I'm loving the yearbooks I've been ordering! I hope you'll enter to win a signed copy of my book, Red Circle Days!


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