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September 16, 2013

Clothing Crisis

Yes I'm having a little clothing crisis.  My problem is that I don't really like maternity clothes.  I'm not sure that anyone really does, but I need a few more things to wear and have been putting off shopping for myself.  

I'm now at the point where I have no long sleeve shirts and no winter jacket.  I know that I'll need the shirts, but the winter jacket?? I can't decide if it's worth purchasing one seeing that I am due the beginning of February.  I'm sure once the first snowfall hits I will most likely decide that I do need a winter jacket, but I really hate having to buy one!   

My next clothing crisis is that my sister is getting married in October and I need a dress.  I dread going into a dressing room and trying on dresses in my "shape".  I'm really picky as it is, and being pregnant will not help me one bit with choosing a dress!

And my third clothing crisis is with a beautiful bridesmaid dress I have hanging in my bedroom.  The weekend after my sister gets married I am to be in a wedding wearing this dress. This non-maternity dress. The one and only time I tried it on was last April.  I assume that it doesn't fit, but am terrified to put it on. Even if it can be fixed, I feel like I may look like a clown.

I'd much rather spend any extra money I have on baby things, and not maternity clothes!  I've attempted going into Target a few times for maternity clothes, but what ends up happening is that I quickly scan the maternity section, tell myself all of it is ugly, and then move on to the baby department instead.  It's so much more fun over there!

Anyways, we'll see where the next few weeks brings me with my growing belly and shrinking wardrobe!

Looking Ahead:

  Wednesday I will be back for Wordless Wednesday!  I haven't participated in WW for many weeks, but I do hope that all my bloggy friends will stop by and link up.  The party will start Tuesday at 12PM US EST :) ***Hint*** This week I will be sharing a photo of something tiny and cute!  What could it be? Stay tuned to find out!

  Beginning Thursday afternoon I also hope to have my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party  up and running!  This is a fun one, because you can share anything you like!  Hope to see you there!



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  1. I feel your pain!! Have you thought about thrift stores??? I got a lot of my maternity clothes at Goodwill :)

  2. Head to Savers or Goodwill depending where you live. My ydd got 80% of maternity clothes at Savers and loved what she wore the entire time.

  3. I agree with the others. Goodwill/Salvation Army has some really cute maternity clothes. If you go on 1/2 price day, even better!

    Or you could ask for some on Freecycle. See if anyone in your area has any to donate?

  4. Pregnancy is such a beautiful time. I was also going to suggest the OP shops. I know I got a lot of my clothes there, and then donated them back after birth.


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