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April 14, 2014

My Favorite Tablet Apps!

I'm so happy to be part of the Intel Tablet Crew, and I love using my Galaxy Tablet!  Or maybe I should say I love using the tablet when I actually get to do just that.  

Autumn, my 10 year old has pretty much hijacked the tablet and taken it over as her own. Of course I don't blame her because it's so convenient and fun to use, and there's so much that you can do on it.

I asked Autumn what her favorite apps on the tablet are and her top ones are Minecraft, Instagram, YouTube, and Flappy Potato. 

When I am able to spend some time playing around with the tablet what apps are my favorite?  Here's the top 5 I use the most~

1}  Google Plus 

At first I wasn't sure I liked Google +.  Yes it was another platform to connect with others and drive more traffic to my blog, but it was also another time consuming thing to do.  But guess what?  I love it now! And being to quickly be able to access it on my tablet it nice.

2}  Pinterest
Pinterest...the website where one could browse alllll daaaaay looong! And what I like best about browsing Pinterest on my tablet is the size.  My iPhone is a bit small, my laptop is a bit too large, but the tablet is just right :) 

3}  Instagram

I'm not on Instagram all that much, but when I am it's fun to take pics with the tablet.  You have a good view of what will show in your photo, and it's fun to see the filters when their applied to the photo on the tablet.

4}  Blogger
Blogger!  Since I'm a blogger this certainly needs no explanation!  Blogging on my laptop is optimal, but if I need to blog on the go, the tablet is perfect.  I can blog on my iPhone, but if your a blogger with an iPhone, you'll understand why this isn't exactly fun.

5} Horoscope

And then there is the horoscope app which I check every day.  When my horoscope says something positive, I believe every word it says.  If not, then I think to myself "this couldn't possibly be true", and I quickly forget about it ~ haha :)  But I do still need to read it each day.

Do you use a tablet? If so what are your favorite apps? What apps do you recommend?  I'd love to know!



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  1. Loving your faves ... I would have to say that Pinterest is my fave one! :)

  2. I have to say Google+ is growing on me, certainly more engagement than FB! I am in love with instagram at the moment. I don't have a tablet, but my laptop is popular with my kids for youtube kids shows xx

  3. Thank god for the Blogger app! Nothing like blogging lying down on the sofa (all my posts are written there)! I love Instagram and Twitter lately having turned sour on Facebook. Love a good Ebay hunt too!

  4. You know I haven't even thought to put Instagram on my iPad… I should do that.
    Thanks for sharing your favorites with us at Mommy Monday!


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