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December 20, 2016

Christmas Around the Globe

Christmas...a time for celebration. Food, family, fun, and gathering with those who hold the same values and beliefs. There are many different ways families, and those in other countries around the world, celebrate this joyous occasion.

But have you ever wondered how and where all the traditions we embrace each year began? Or maybe what those on the other side of the world do differently than you do during Christmas?

Personally I get so involved in what I have planned for my own family that I don't give much thought to what someone across the globe may be planning for their family, but this wonderful information I came by changed that.

Recently I was sent this interesting history of Christmas infographic to share with all of you. This infographic contains a bunch of facts that I never knew about the history of Christmas, and how others celebrate.

If you'd like to read more in depth on this subject you can visit the  link below which will bring you to a blog post from Tree Classics ---> History of Christmas.

I hope you found this information as interesting enjoyable as I did. Happy Holidays!

If you have time this weekend I still plan to have my No Rules Weekend Blog Party open! It will begin Thursday morning at 6am EST.

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  1. Those are some fun facts!!!!!!!!

    1. They are! I definitely learned some new things :)


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